#100daysproject: day 28, Turtle Ninja mask

This is the 28th day of the challenge # 100daysproject! I continue to make masks for the birthday of my little one and today it will be a mask of Ninja Turtle!

Why a Turtle Ninja mask?

This is funny, kids do not watch cartoon on ninja turtles and yet they know them! My big one even has panties with ninja turtles! When I asked them who they wanted as superheroes, they mentioned the Ninja Turtles. In addition, what is good with these super heroes is that with a model I do 4 masks!

How did I make the mask?

I changed the base of the mask to have cheeks a little more prominent and I add a knot on the side to make the bandana.

I decided to make green the total base of the mask, and stick the banana on it. This will avoid having the node of the bandana without support and that it is potentially torn by playing with it.

Indeed, I know the sweetness of my monsters. Then, the colors. In my felt, I choose a pretty green color for the head. Then my son chose orange for the first color of the bandana.

Thanks to this last I managed to hide the holes to tie the rubber band between this bandana and the head.

Turtle Ninja mask created by La Caverne d'Hélène

Do not hesitate to contact me if you want the same !!

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