#100daysproject, day 18: T shirt hunt for easter!

Here we are at the 18th day of the challenge # 100daysproject and I continue on the theme of Easter, this time with a t shirt on the hunt for eggs!

Why a T shirt for the hunt of eggs?

I wonder if I should not do more t shirts and then I look at everything I can do, and there I wanted to color! I always want to create around the theme of Easter and this evening children have the egg hunt, so it inspired me!

How did I do this T shirt?

I started by creating eggs, I put 3 so that the drawing is a gourmet! Then I added some text: “The egg hunt is open” but in french. But still, it seemed a little dull. So I added deer antlers to give relief and add a little fun! For once I agree with a hunt!

This shirt is in 2/3 years but it is available in all sizes! Contact me to have the size that suits you!

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