#100daysproject: day 100 Motivation magnet

For the last day of the challenge #100Daysproject, I’m going to make a magnet to motivate me for the future and get up early! My magnet Motivation to me!

Why such a magnet?

This 100 days challenge really challenged me on a lot of topics. Including articles. Create an object a day, that’s fine. Write an article a day, much more complicated! I find that 200-word articles do not have more value added than that. Article to come on this subject.

How did I do?

Among all the quotations that inspire me, I thought about the one I like the most. I especially found one on the morning, to motivate me to get up. It goes hand in hand with the book I’m reading on Miracle Morning. So I just printed it. Then I sublimated it at 200 ° C for 3 minutes. Here is my motivation magnet!

motivation magnet created by La Caverne d'Hélène
motivation magnet created by La Caverne d’Hélène

I do not know yet if I’ll put it on the fridge or rather on my radiator in front of the bed … what motivate me to get up in the morning! And reach my goals! I was afraid it would be a little “pale” with just the writing but finally no I like it like that. And you, please?

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