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T shirts pour des princesses!

Pour cette période de Noel j’ai eu la chance de proposer différents T shirts pour des princesses! Tout est personnalisable alors je peux vraiment faire plaisir! T shirts pour princesses Licorne Ah les licornes! un grand classique! pour cette princesse, j’ai choisi de faire un T shirt assez simple dans le dessin mais avec un […]

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which side of the vinyle to use? tutorial by La Caverne d'Hélène

How to know which side of the HTV vinyle to use?

Hello! So you want to customize a fabric support with flex? But you have a doubt on the side of the HTV vinyle that must be cut? I hope this article will help you! First of all I want to clarify that we talk about flex or vinyl heat-sealing or vinyl HTV (Vinyl Heat transfer) […]

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blue shawl knitting by La Caverne d'Hélène

#100daysproject: day 89 to 99 a blue shawl

I embarked on a knitting shawl project with my degraded blue wool. It takes time … and so many days of challenge # 100daysproject why such a shawl? It’s been a long time since I made a shawl. I offered the last to mom. At this time it’s cool in the evening, I’d like to […]

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amber necklace created by La Caverne d'Hélène

#100daysproject: day 89 amber necklace

Here we are at day 89 of # 100daysproject and I am delighted to make an amber necklace this time! Why such a necklace? After the black collar I made yesterday I wanted a lighter necklace. I found the amber beads I have. I thought it was very classy. In addition, I still wish to […]

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black necklace created by La Caverne d'Hélène

#100daysproject: day 89 black necklace

Here we are at day 89 of the challenge #100daysproject and I continue to enjoy with pearls and jewels and I will make a black necklace. Why such a necklace? I have these beautiful black matte pearls that attract me. Two of them are streaked blue, super pretty. They make me want to make a […]

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bohemian beads bracelet created by La Caverne d'Hélène

#100daysproject: D88 bohemian beads bracelet

Here we are at day 88 of the challenge #100daysproject and I go back to my first love: jewels! I’m going to make a bohemian beads bracelet why such a bracelet? A little chip had this bracelet as a gift for Christmas and the clasp broke. His mom brought it back so that I could […]

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#100daysproject: day 74 body little brother

Here we are at day 74 #100daysproject, and I have an order for a « little brother » body and a « big brother » t shirt. Why such a body? it is usually a birth gift that pleases a lot. A personalized body for the birth of a little one. I have already done several! I love to […]

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#100daysproject: j64, tasse photos de mes loulous

J’ai attendu un moment.. mais me voici au jour 64 du challenge #100daysproject et … enfin je fais une tasse avec les photos de mes loulous pourquoi une telle tasse? Parce que! Non mais sérieux! 😀 La sublimation permet d’utiliser ses propres photos.. mais jusque maintenant j’ai voulu commencer petit et j’ai essayé avec plein […]

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Batman mask created by La Caverne d'Hélène

#100daysproject: day 30, Batman mask

Here is day 30 of the # 100daysproject, and it’s about time that I attack Mother’s Day! However today I’m going to make a Batman mask for my son’s birthday. Why did I do a Batman mask? Batman is probably one of the most classic superheroes! It is timeless! So it’s difficult to make superhero […]

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Hulk mask created by La Caverne d'Hélène

#100daysproject: day 26, Hulk mask

For this 26th day of # 100days project, I will do a Hulk mask! Why a Hulk mask? I think the kids will be happy to leave with superhero masks! I even have an idea of ​​fishing duck blind so that they can recover! My little wolf already has a Hulk costume, but he does […]

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