Quiet Book for Victor (video)

Today big challenge: I am asked to create a quiet book, these activity books in felt, for a little Victor of 18 months.

How will I do this Quiet Book?

I’m going to use a little thick felt. The same one I used for Hugo or even Gabin

I want to do a little differently than usual and follow the advice of a friend: make a page for each letter of the first name. Doing that, I always keep in mind that this kind of book is to occupy the child calmly but also to develop fine motor skills by moving small elements, manipulating the felt while having fun.

That it is this time of brainstorm that is the most time consuming but also the most fun .. to have ideas and put them on paper ..

Victor could have a page taking in account the french name of course!!

  • V as a car: a car that could be moved on the road
  • I as an iguana to whom he could draw the tongue
  • C as a Crocodile to brush with toothpaste and toothbrush
  • T like backhoe, it could be articulated so that little Victor can dig where he wants
  • O like a bear who would hide his eyes with his hands
  • R as Honeycomb and his bee flying between the honeycombs!
And Here is the result

A video will be better than words!

One year Anniversary! La Caverne d’Hélène is 1 year!

One year! Yes! I’m celebrating my first anniversary!!! One year of Créations!!

Small history

In 2009 I had already embarked on the adventure of having my shop. After three years of activities, I had not really given myself the means to succeed, to develop and I decided to stop.

Since April 2017, I am in a personal development program. I learn every day about my way of being, to react, to understand myself and to flourish.

One of the themes discussed in this training was precisely on personal development: When we were at the very best of ourselves. For me, this day is my wedding day! The day I organized with my husband, where I let my creativity express itself freely. And of course, the day I was a princess.
I asked the question around me: When do you think I was to the best of myself? Strangely the witness of my husband, who has known us for 15 years now replied that it was when I managed my own business. Not on my wedding day, or any other evening, trip that I could have arranged, no. When I was managing my shop.

Another topic discussed during my training: to have no regrets.
And so long as all this goes its way in my mind, in my heart, in my guts… by the time I set up a corner just for me in the house, that I prepare some créations …et here is September 1, 2017 , I reveal the New Caverne d’Hélène to the whole world!

One year: a small resume

This first year has been rich in emotion! Sometimes frustration, doubts, completely overwhelmed, but always happy to create!
This year I tried to make myself known, to be present on social networks (Facebook, Instagram), to develop my blog. I juggled with my personal life, my job, health concerns, and my shop. Sometimes, I was not always able to do exactly what I wanted but I always made sure to get closer to it.
I have had several orders including an international order. One command via the Etsy platform. I also organized a home sale and participated in a craft market on Caignac. But that is clearly not enough.

At the same time, I have not always been organized or ready in relation to the calendar. For example, I have not been able to offer you a choice in the advent calendars. In fact, I did not do it well to create a medium that I liked and I lost time. I did not take it enough beforehand.

Since March, I have a Cricut maker. The machine! The one that allows me to cut the felt, the paper, the vinyl.. It allows me to develop my activity by proposing to you now customization on glass, T shirt… and again! I do not exploit all the possibilities that it brings me, but I work on it!

Finally, one year of joy

This year I really enjoyed myself. I had real moments when I felt like a kid: when I launched this blog in my name, when I had my 50 subscribers on Facebook and when I reached my goal of 100!!

When I created my glasses on live at the market of Caignac, I was able to adapt them to the desires of the children. Or when I was asked what I could do about a specific theme and it pleased the person… And when I received an email from a client who asks for information after long months of silence! When a video I found quite simple made 7000 views!!!

Now I have 2 bags in order, and this feeling of joy to have answered a precise request mingled with the worry of « Is this really going to please him? « , this feeling there is my engine! That’s why I want to make this shop a success!

One year in Numbers

Facebook: Unfortunately I did a bad manipulation on Facebook so I no longer have my stats but I had more than 7000 views on the video of the drawing with a thread, my menus are seen by a hundred people every week.
My last publication on the layout of my marites for September was seen by 3300 people.
And on September 1st, my page has 105 subscribers!!

On Pinterest I have 1500 readers per month, my marine bag has been printed 440 times.

Since the creation of the blog in May, 1246 pages have been read, 305 visitors have come, pics to 17 visitors per day. The 3 social networks bring me visitors even if it’s Facebook that predominates.

Instagram: I have 40 publications and 25 subscribers. But it’s only been two months since I started. It takes a start to everything!

The future: it has already started!

Now that I have found the right tools (I will probably do a dedicated article on these tools), that you follow me, know me, well I just have to let explode my creativity and my madness!

I organized myself for the blog: Mondays will be dedicated to recipes, Wednesdays daily (reading, beauty treatment, Discovery), on Saturday I will show you a new creation and you will find me in video on Sunday for menus!

Also, I aim to share with you daily on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. Moreover, I will arrange a private home sale for Halloween and one (or two???) for Christmas. I will start my shop again on Facebook and probably on Etsy to offer you a better showcase of my creations.

Finally, I already have programmed items for September and I have already started some knitting for Halloween!!
You have not finished of hearing about La Caverne d’Hélène!