Blue earrings made by La Caverne d'Hélène

#100daysproject, day 20: blue Swarovski earrings

For this day 20 of the challenge, I will share with you blue Swarovski earrings.

Why blue earrings?

I have an order for short earrings for a birthday and so I proposed these earrings with Swarovski beads that I can do in blue. The crystal beads are just awsome! In addition, they are quick to make, so perfect!

How do I do these earrings?

These earrings are composed of 4 bohemian blue multifaceted beads. I assemble them in a square. Then I put a small bead of rock, I add my pearls Swarovski shaped top. I put a seed bead and a Swarovski spinning top. I do the same thing on the other side to form the top of the loop. Then I put the fastener of the loop thanks to a bead to crush to finalize this loop. I make a second identical.

Here is the result:

blue earrings made by La Caverne d'Hélène

The photo does not really honor these curls. They are very beautiful. They are 1cm apart. In total with the stain they are 3 cm. Here is a picture of another pair worn (the seed beads were mauve on these)

They are very discreet and very pretty. I really like. This brings a touch of color.

What do you think?

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