Rabbit earrings made by La Caverne d'Hélène

#100daysproject, day 17: rabbit earrings!

17th day of challenge # 100daysproject and I want to change a little bit by making rabbit earrings.

Why did I do some rabbits earrings?

Today I want to return to my first love: jewelry.

But I also want to work with my favorite machine! In search of what to do my hot air balloon a few days ago I fell on an old checkbook holder .. and I wondered if I could not do something … yes, yes I know I do not throw anything, to the despair of my man!

So here I am thinking how to make jewelry with a checkbook! a pendant could be a good idea but I still prefer the idea of ​​earrings!

How did I do theses earrings?

I decided to make 2 different loops, and of course I remain on the theme of Easter and therefore rabbits are needed! I made oval loops for the tour, I think it’s super pretty.

My first tryout was not a success. Not only did I make the loops too big but in addition I aimed right in the fold of the checkbook door and so I can not keep the loop …

So I start again with a more reasonable size of loops.

Here are the final results:

What do you think? do you like them?

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